A Warmachine Battle Narrative: The Axedoken


A Warmachine Battle Narrative: The Axedoken


Again and again the huge axe clove through all that stood before it, like some terrible whirlwind with it’s wielder at it’s center. Fueled by his hate, manipulated by his arcane might, and bound to him by the heavy chain between them, the great axe ,“Lola” moved as if it were some maddened beast.

Through the screams of comrades his seething rage made no distinction of what stood in his way. Each time a man fell, he stalked forward, eyes aglow beneath his patchwork hat, looking out from within the huge weapon’s carnage, set upon the bearded druid he knew was beyond. A construct of stone and tree stood before him to block his way but it was for naught. The axe came around with such force that it tore through it’s body as if it wasn’t there. When the shrapnel began to clear the druid could be seen, eyes wide as the torso of his creation was cast aside by the force of the blow. The maddened butcher took another step forward, eyes crackling with arcane energy and glee.


The spinning axe stopped dead as it buried itself firmly into a low stone wall, the magicks manipulating it dissipating.

With a feeling of dread he desperately latched onto the hilt of the axe with both hands. It was all he could do to try to wrench it free. He looked up at the druid. Despite being surrounded by enemies, the druid smiled.

Advancing and raising up his stone slab of a sword he brought it down as the butcher continued to try free his weapon. The blow took him in the shoulder, forcing him to a knee. The next went down across his back, forcing his grip off the axe. The third was an upswing taking him in the chest, shattering his ribs and throwing him onto his back. As the final blow came down, he was still reaching out to Lola.

This was basically the final turn of a league game of Warmachine Ah had played few years back. Ah played the eButcher and attempted an overambitious assassination run against eBalder….it was less than successful.

Was just as well cuz turns out ah had misread a rule which made this illegal, though the fail at end got me thinkin’ how it would play out written as a narrative.

Speaking of, for those who know who the Butcher is may wonder about the description of him in this.
Reason for that:
Official Butcher

My Butcher
Based on Final Fantasy & the character Black Mage from the webcomic “8-Bit Theater”, hence the title Axedoken and why ah made him wield the axe via magic rather than brawn.

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