A Warmachine Battle Narrative: Thunder & Ice


A Warmachine Battle Narrative: Thunder & Ice



The airborne Stormclad cartwheeled end-over-end, their boiler detonating as it crashed into the Storm Strider. Avoiding the debris, the mad pilot controlling the spider-like machine fired a bolt of lightning to smite another approaching construct looming in the distance. Amplified with Artificier General Sebastian Nemo’s arcane might, the lightning arced through the great machine and into the soldiers behind it.

Screams cut the air as electrical current ripped through their bodies. Among those who fell was Journeyman Warcaster Andrea Malakov; the Conquest’s controller. As she slumped to the ground so too did the Conquest, their bond broken.

Emerging through the smoke, unscathed by the lightning, Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff cursed. The loss of Journeyman Malakov put them in a dire situation. They needed the Conquest operational for this battle as the Beast alone would not be enough to face off against the enemy’s forces. Seeing no other alternative, she rushed to the remaining mechanic’s side to bring the machine back into the fight. As she did, the ground shook as Cygnar’s own colossal charged toward the inert Conquest. Her mind raced to connect to its cortex and her vision expanded to include its own as the Conquest’s eyes flickered to life, burning with coalfire.

With a sound akin to a giant bear rousing from sleep, the great machine rose just in time to bring it’s arm up to receive the Stormwall bearing down upon it. The Voltaic fists of the Stormwall smashed into it with tremendous force, the Conquest’s right arm almost coming free of its shoulder housing with a shriek of shearing plating and ruined hydraulics. Its combat prowess enhanced by Sorscha’s influence, the Conquest fought back, heavy fists reshaping the Stormwall’s hull with each strike.

Sorscha knew she had to end this battle quickly, and seized the opportunity.

Calling upon the wind she burst out from behind the Conquest in a rush toward her enemy in the distance. Moving between the Stormwall and Storm Strider, she threw Frostfang ahead of her, embedding it into the ground and running up it in a smooth motion. From that vantage point she could see Nemo and his assistant in the distance, and all that remained of the enemy forces. She smiled. The cold within her heart poured out across all she could see, snow and ice forming from arcane energy, encasing everything in ice.

She turned to face the pilot of the barely-standing Storm Strider, drawing her hand cannon as she did so. Lining up the pilot in her weapon’s sight, she took aim, and pulled the trigger.


Her eyes widened and moved to the failed mechanism, dread settled over her. The sound of cracking ice and working pistons drew her attention toward the Stormwall. Her vision filled with a fist the size of full-grown man, surrounded by a nimbus of crackling lightning.


– Ben & The Hof


The above is the product of a fail so bad we took a picture and wrote about it.

Ah need to play more often, forgot two very important things that were remembered just after ah committed myself:

1. Shake off effects
2. Massive bases cannot be made stationary.

Storm Strider to the left of me,
Stormwall to the right,
Here ah am,
crushed in the middle by you.

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