Mad Bodgin’ Mage (Amiibo SMASH) Log: Bravely Default

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Mad Bodgin’ Mage (Amiibo SMASH) Log: Bravely Default

For this log I thought I would pay homage to a 3DS game that took me by surprise: Bravely Default.

Final Fantasy is a series near and dear to my heart, but the last few installments has made it really hard to get excited about. Bravely Default, while not a Final Fantasy game, was the first game in a long time that made me feel like I was playing one.

The battle system was a blast to use, but story-wise the game has some problems, particularly at the mid-point.It was still easier to take in than whatever FF13 was doing, however.

Speaking of the battle system, here are some anecdotes from how some of those battles/situations played out:
– First attempt at fighting a Lvl 99 Nemesis
in Bravely Default, a breakdown of the “battle”:

Edea: “AHHHH! Our fists and Sith powers do nothing!”
Ringabell: “I think I broke my hand!”
Anges: “Oh God he’s got a sword! It cuts right through the everything!”
Edea: “Why didn’t we wear pants!?”
Diz: “I have pants!”
Diz: “AAAAH!! The pants, they do nothing!”
*more screams, sword slashes, wet sounds*

…it went less than ideal.

MUCH Later:

After a couple rematches against the Lvl 99 Nemesis (read: my party being murderated) I finally found a battle plan that works.

The pantless monk was the sole attacker, she used dickpunch (for all 1,200,000 hp) and drank the enemy’s tears for sustenance.


The rest were cheering her on while laying low and chugging elixirs like me drinking coffee.

Job assignments:
Edea – The Dickpuncher
Agnes – The Cheerleader
Tiz – The Bartender
Ringabell – The Bouncer

Bravely Default: Where falling in love is a dreadful thing.
All your careful planning takes a swim in the toilet as one or more of your party members tries to impress the object of their affection, ignoring the tasks they should be doing.
It only gets gets worse if they happen to love the same person, cause then a fist fight breaks out.
Edea punched Ringabell, he wasn’t wearing a cup, he didn’t get back up.
Then everyone else gets murdered by a… zombiefied turtle dove wearing a wedding dress as a nightmare children’s choir sings.



Thoughts while seeking weapons and equipment in the extra dungeon in Bravely Default:
Hmmm… Some of this stuff is good, but is it good enough to put on pants?

Bravely Default: where being a Sith nudist is the best way to destroy the enemy… monks are crazy powerful.

Final take away after beating Bravely Default:
Rage and Minus strike are the best attacks in the game by far.
One character can attack 8 times in a round for like 78000 damage
2 pantless Freelancers and one Dark Knight (also no pants) sith-slapped the End boss into submission while the Knight (the only one to get dressed apparently) kept them alive.
my pile of super cool axes and swords and stuff are useless.
Want sequel.


With that all said, on to the bodge. The plan was to try to make Edea Lee:

…using an Inkling as a base, ’cause it fit the games “chibi” look well. That and the 3DS is actually able to help as a reference.


The first step involved lots of chopping the Inkling into calamari. After that it was the long process of altering the face:

Added primer early to see how smooth it was turning out. Started actually sanding things after people have given me repeated feedback that I should.

They were not wrong.


Hair was added and made with a paperclip as a support for the greenstuff.





Since during my playthrough Edea was primarily a Monk thoughout I opted to make this amiibo reflect that. That and the model that had these hands swapped them out for a creepy multi-faced halberd…thing.





The next step was modding the body, found a use for some leftover bits of Robin here:





With that done I primed and started painting the face:


at that point it was bringing all the parts together and here is the final result:







And here they are with a stock Inkling:


360 view

At some point I wanna try build the Inkling boy into Ringabell.

T’was a bodgin’

Bodge Mage

Happy New Year everybody.

new years 2012

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