Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: Kara Sloan

Mad Bodge Mage Log

Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: Kara Sloan

This is Kara Sloan

There are many great reposes for this warcaster, they make me remember the dreadful job ah did 4 years ago. She had like 3 elbows, it was bad.
So this past week she was stripped and chopped up so ah don’t cringe whenever my bro takes her to the field.
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after this Ah was told while the top half looked great, bottom half didn’t work. These people had a good point.
So we used this
and some greenstuff to get here
UpwVSL yuhhqf
Feet were taken from another fig, this Kara was miscast so had to improvise.
Next up was the paintin’, ripped off the gun to get to the face first:

3 4
And there we have it!

That’s a Bodgin’

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