Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: Birth of an Extreme Deathjack

Mad Bodge Mage Log

Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: Birth of an Extreme Deathjack

In a previous MBM log ah talked about building an Extreme Behemoth. After building it ah had an extreme magnetized Destroyer with no arms or weapons, so something needed to be done with it.
Like building an Extreme Deathjack
Ah always found the fluff for the Deathjack, interesting. Particularly what happens when the “Skulls of Hate” are placed on another jack.
So ah thought Ah’d TRY to depict that once ah had the materials to do so in the form of a diorama.
Here’s some of the process:
There was a saw, dremel, drill and grinder involved.
Used a trencher risen to be fed into the new Deathjack.
Why? cuz my bro plays Cygnar.
Ah rather like the idea of a soul tryin to scream and escape. Wee girl plenty traumatized.
So at this point it needed putty work and to be broken apart so ah can paint the bloody thing.
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Fun fact: When working on this while visiting my parents farm, ah showed my ma what the final product should look like, with the soul screaming at the little girl.
Mom: “so is she watching her father get eaten by the monster?”
Me:”…huh. Ah like that idea”
This got the clogs turnin’ for what came later.
Here we were getting close to the end.
Hands weren’t quite done yet (still need the glow and be secured) and had some glow and touchups fer the rest. At this point was debating having a warjack or caster at the edge in fear 

Then an argument with gravity made the model go boom.
Ah watched in horror as it snapped off the base and landed on my leg, rolling down that like some spikey (and painful) boulder before explodin’ into the base of my desk.
Bits went in every direction.

Was a bugger to find all the pieces.


Next up was paintin’ the lass:


Here’s another few shots of it with Big B:


And shots of it and the girl done, at this point base felt empty.


Ended up using some of those bits on Torch and Black Ivan later on.

After listening to some feedback went ahead with adding a warcaster to the base, had a spare Zerkova so why not?

This got me thinking: What happens to a warcaster when their warjack becomes possessed by the Deathjack?

My intent of what to add onto this thing:
Zerkova watching as one of her jacks becomes an abomination as it feeds on the soul of the hapless twit who placed the Skulls of Hate on it.

Why is the girl there? Said hapless twit was a traveling merchant who happened upon the Skulls with his daughter and she was brought along with/followed him to this site.

Why is Zerkova hanging over a cliff? Feedback from the DJ Hijacking her warjack blasted her over. Depending on the DJ origins (orgoth?) could also be the fact she carries their artifacts.

Wreck marker? Justification that they were just in a battle recovering and therefore guard down. Man half-mad runs into the site and goes to nearest jack.



Got it painted up here:


Annoyance: realizing only AFTER it’s all done that you put the false eye on the wrong side. At least it’s right on my other Zerkova


And there ye have it 😀

Anyone who went to GenCon 2013 may have seen this in PP’s display case. It unfortunately did not survive the trip back north.


But while it was destroyed it survives in the form of a short story inspired by the scene it depicted :)

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