Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: Black Mage Tie Fighter Advanced Metal Earth Model

Mad Bodge Mage Log

Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: Black Mage Tie Fighter Advanced Metal Earth Model

Few months back I picked up a Star Wars metal model kit for the TIE Advanced.
Projects like this (where there is only one way to complete it) I find tough cause, as a bodger, following instructions is not my strong suit.

They “recommend” pliers for this. What they actually mean is they are required. Otherwise your fingers must be tiny and not covered in vulnerable flesh.
That aside the project was mostly fun to work on.


That being said, this part was PAIN.

Having a cylinder shaped object around (I had a Hi-lighter) really helps to make a consistent curve here but otherwise this involved a lot of cursing.


Got it together eventually though. Sections like this (attaching previously assembled bits together) really highlight where you messed up before.

Result: more cursing.

But now that we were here, it was the best time to add something to the model to make it not just like the rest; a pilot.

And with some spare Warmachine bits, greenstuff, paint and a little bit of glue, here we go:


After that it was putting the rest of the model together (more cursing) and here is the final result:









T’was a Bodgin’

Bodge Mage

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