Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: Shardik, Great Bear of Khador

Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: Shardik, Great Bear of Khador

Anyone who had seen my Extremoth should have seen this coming. This guy had to be big enough to dwarf him so…yeah.
Inspired by the bear Shardik from the novel of the same name (and the Wastelands by Stephen King).
With that in mind made it to be a HUGE version of the Kodiak chassis
with some heavy firepower.
So we took the Conquest
and made it bigger:

The intent using it was to drill home the “Giant Bear Shardik” idea I was going for. I really couldn’t think of a good way to represent a bear with the tools & bits on hand aside from the Kodiak head. Same reason the fist plates are turned around, With the addition of spikes they look more similar to a Kodiak’s fists.
Beer bottle caps come in handy :)
Added the more typical boiler, was not sure how it would pan out but back felt empty otherwise.

Around the same time ah built this guy ah was also converting the GenCon exclusive Bombardier Bombshell
into a Battle Mechanic Officer
These are the results:


Made Shardik’s base with her in mind (or any medium sized base) so they can be displayed together 😀


Really like running this monster with Kovnik Andrea Malakov, though it went less than ideal in my last match against Doc.

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