Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: The Supremoth

Mad Bodgin’ Mage Log: The Supremoth

Back in 2009 Privateer Press released an Extreme sculpt of the Khadoran Juggernaut Warjack.
A poster(Cloud-Gatherer) on their forums had a great mod idea and created the first Extreme Behemoth, or the Extremoth.
the unpopular original model
33036_BehemothWEB (1)
became this:
This was the beginning of many Extremoths. During this time ah didn’t build one myself, having used my extreme sculpt to build an Extreme Karchev and my Behemoth was already larger than the norm and reposed.
But then this guy came out:
The Extreme Destroyer.
This was one too many models making my Behemoth look puny, when it was to be the largest ‘Jack built in the storyline. That and this guy had what ah needed to go to the next level.
So ah made a list of parts needed and set off to create a Behemoth to dwarf all jacks, extreme or no:

Most of the assembly can be seen in the first video at top of the page.
some comparison shots, my Extreme Destroyer was sacrificed to build this guy:
then the painting:
progress2a progresss
And there ye have it, may not be the greatest Extremoth, but after 4 years it’s still the largest ah know of.


Parts List:

Assault Kommandos shield 2 
Beast-09 stacks 2 
Behemoth arm plate 2 
Behemoth chimney 2 
Behemoth fist back 3 
Behemoth head 1
Behemoth left rail 1 
Behemoth right rail 1 
Behemoth spikes sprue 4
Behemoth stacks 1 
Berserker shoulder 1 
Drago left shoulder plate 1
Drago right shoulder plate1 
Extreme Destroyer Sculpt 2 
Iron Fang Standard Bearer right hand/standard 1 
Winter Guard Officer & Standard Bearer UA standard 1
50mm metal base 1 
Behemoth back armor 1 
Behemoth loin armor 1 
Devastator knee guard 2 
Devastator shoulder 2 
Destroyer spikes 2 
Berserker spikes sprue 2 
Drago spikes 1 
Kodiak spikes 2 
Spriggan spikes 2 
Uhlan leader left shoulder 1
Uhlan leader right shoulder 1
Deathjack Head 1
rocks from the farm
cork, mmmm….wine
2 washers
studs from belt
Random stuff From my workshop

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