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Luke, Rey… and Mara Jade

This is what we are all secretly hoping for. Admit it.


You Are Safe At My Table: A Gamer’s Pledge

Yesterday, on Facebook, I posted the following: For the most part, I do an okay job of managing my behaviour […]


Happy Nerd Year: 2015… a retropective

I read this year’s holiday post in a voice so silky, it can make a honey badger cuddle up and […]


System Agnostic GM Advice

The best advice I can give is short, and sweet. While GMs are these in equal parts… 1. Writer 2. […]

Help I Ac

Common Help Topics According to Google

Apparently, the world is full of: A. accidental psionic mechanics… B. dangerous random acid pools… C. HOW DOES THAT EVEN!?!

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Doc Hulks Out: A story in GIF.

This is an animated GIF created from the rejected pics from my mystery project artist bio. Behold, and despair.   […]