Happy Nerd Year: 2015… a retropective


Happy Nerd Year: 2015… a retropective

I read this year’s holiday post in a voice so silky, it can make a honey badger cuddle up and say, “Ahhhhhh….”

On The night before Christmas: two thousand fifteen,
Game designers were resting, ‘cause busy they’d been.
The specs were all sent to the printers with care,
So the backers got product only two days to spare.

The writers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of deadlines tormented their heads.
Danielle in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
were still wrapping our presents, the us’al last-minute crap.

When out of my mouth came some terrible words,
‘Bout curses, and damnings, fornication, and turds.
I’d not written our annual Christmas Eve roast!
But ‘15 was HUGE… best it’s a New Year’s Eve post.

January confirmed my GenCon Attendance
And I began my pro designer transcendence.
SharedWeave.ca was gathering fans,
and my Winnipeg Jets were packing the stands.

Feb’ 27, two thousand fifteen,
The saddest day yet, that nerddom has seen.
We lost Leonard Nimoy, an actor, and vet.
We lost many more, from Con floor to set.

Lost Pratchett and Lee (both Tanith and Chris),
Rowdy Rod Piper, and Iwata are missed.
Johnson and Horner also would fall.
Whitney and Craig… you’ve inspired us all.

But we all soldiered on, creating and sharing,
building nerdy new worlds of inclusion and caring.
And up to the Facebooks the creators they flew,
to Twitters and Googles, and other ones, too.

And then, in a twinkling, July had arrived.
“Where’s all the time flown?”, I asked Ben with a cry.
GenCon approacheth! I shivered with glee!
I looked like those dogs, that just quiver and pee.

Over da’ Boards was now fully prepared.
to show at my Graceland, but man was I scared.
We pounded out blog posts, and comics, and shirts,
and hoped that reception wasn’t drizzling squirts.

We packed up the minis, the cards and the tokens.
And hoped during showing that noithing’d be broken.
We rented a car, and met up with some friends,
but on the way there, nearly met our sweet ends.

Police and Coyotes, tornadoes, and floods,
tollbooths, and speeders, and zombies, and CHUDs.
We made it to Indy, unkilled by disaster.
If we hadn’t killed Paul, we’d have gotten there faster.

We were there! Oh Kaloo! Oh Kalay!
I misted up man… that’s all I can say.
For this one single moment, I’d waited so long,
my whole godsdamned life, to join in this throng.

As I waited in line, I struck up a song.
But lo’ and behold, who happened along?
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
and the beard on his chin was like mine, don’t you know.

Robert J. Schwalb gave me a big manly hug.
And said, “Holy shit, man, good to see you here bud!”
This scene was repeated over and over again.
With games’ greatest women, and games greatest men.

I’d come to this place to totally geek out
on people I admire, it’s what it’s about.
Instead I was stunned by our number of fans
‘mongst games’ greatest people, both women and mans.

GenCon vet Ben, grinned watching this happen.
Filming me all excited, my gums all a flappin’.
I handled it good, ‘til surprised by Cordell.
My brain just played dead. Yeah, It didn’t go well.

Fawning and stuttering, I showed him my dice.
I dropped them of course, yeah hindsight ain’t nice.
He handled it well, like a seasoned old pro.
We’re friends now on Facebook. A good man to know.

Many more faces! Webb, Lindroos and Kulp!
Saw Jen Page, Luke Gyagx, so I said “‘Hey. ‘Sup?”
Jolly and Barbara, and Laws were there too.
Prior, and Pramas, Tweet, and Heinsoo.

I even gave thanks to Shanna Germain
For helping me keep my head in the game.
John Kovalic had helped me creating my plan
So I made special effort to go shake his hand.

The rest of the Con was the time of a life.
But ‘twas time to go home, to my kids and my wife.
I said my goodbyes, and see-you-next-years.
Then onto the highways, and facing our fears.

Wipers not working, and fluids all drained,
Man… coyotes do damage. That was never explained.
Despite opaque windshield, and torrential rains,
We all made it home… but next year it’s planes.

September I got production quotes rolling
for producing the game, the rules were now strolling.
Some last minute touch-ups for a big testing drive,
More Cons are upcoming, no time to take five.

I picked up the torch for our Extra Life guild.
C4 went off great, we were totally thrilled.
Recruits and donations rolled in for the kids.
On game day we played with heavy eyelids.

The press corps came by to help our cause squawk,
The guv’mint sent envoys to have a good talk.
We made it the entire twenty four hours!
Well, the Shared Weave crew did, coffee gave us our powers.

JimCon was next! I ran 13th Age
And Schwalb’s “Demon Lord” sprang from his unholy cage.
Over da’ Boards made a strong JimCon showing
The game’s avid fan-base was still steadily growing.

Oh yeah, one more thing this year that’s a perk …
I signed with Ed Greenwood, for game design work,
also three books, and maybe some song,
maybe some podcasts, I hope nothing goes dong.


It’s been a big year, in every way.
It looks like Shared Weave is going to stay.
Thanks for all your support, it’s why we’re still here.
Have a wonderful night, and a googly new beard.

Have a safe, and joyful new year!
This is Doc Wilson for Shared Weave Games.

Good night.

About Doc Wilson

Either presently or at some time in my past I have have been a gamer, game designer, journalist, humourist, singer, songwriter, soldier, paramedic, phone jockey, and Server Analyst. I've pulled through some nasty stuff in my life, and I figured I'd give this thing a go. You never know when your time is up, so never stop trying stuff.

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