My First GenCon: Too Crazypants Awesome to Fit Into a Simple Blog Post


My First GenCon: Too Crazypants Awesome to Fit Into a Simple Blog Post

Holy Crap. GenCon…


Where do I even begin?


I was late getting to Ben’s place because of construction, flooding, and rush hour traffic, but NOTHING was going to get me down. I was flying high. I’d waited thirty years for this trip. When I got there, I was greeted by Ben’s usual grin. After a few minutes, we stowed his gear in the rental car I’d picked up the day before, and we were on our way to Brian’s place.


When we got to Brian’s and met up with Greg, Brad, and the eponymous Brian (proprietor of Amuse N’ Games, a local FLGS). Brian, a veteran of many GenCons, had already prepared a travel briefing in painstaking detail. He pointed out routes, gave me traffic pointers, and went over the various stops we’d be making along the way:


GenCon Haze_1


Brian: …got it?


Me: <Startled> Whu… Gah!?


Brian: <long suffering sigh> Okay… <tearing up the meticulously made plan, and speaking slowly and loudly> I’M GOING TO GIVE BEN THIS WALKIE TALKIE. STAY ON MY ASS, AND BEN WILL PASS ON INSTRUCTIONS. IT’LL BE JUST LIKE BEGGAR’S CANYON BACK HOME. Got it?




Brian: Crabst. We’ve lost Doc. Ben, you’re going to have to get Doc through this by passing on my instructions, so… uh…

Ben: <Sniffing the walkie talkie, Ben scares himself when he pushes the button>

Greg: …

Brad …

Brian: Yeah. This is going to go well.


A minute later, we were off! My “Paul” journey had begun!!!

The first leg of the drive went something like this:



Later in the day, it got too dark to shoot videos or take pictures, but here is an artist’s rendition of how the first leg of my “Paul” journey ended:

How Paul Really Ended


After arriving at the hotel, cleaning coyote guts out of the smashed grill, and making an insurance claim on the rental, I got some rest. The next morning, we began our second leg of the trip to blessed Indianapolis…


To be continued…



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