Shared Weave Games First Birthday!


Shared Weave Games First Birthday!

It’s been a year since I began this grand experiment, and it’s expanded well beyond its original purpose. I’d originally started the site as a place to sell the games that we’re making, but perfection in game design is a painstaking and protracted process. It became clear that it was going to take a lot longer to perfect Over da’ Boards than I thought, so I was paying for domains and hosting for a site that wasn’t actually doing anything.

It was when I was out on the ice helping teach my sons how to play hockey, that a thought came into my head:

If I was a player in a bloodsport hockey league like the one in Over da’ Boards, how would I feel about being a little league hockey coach, let alone the coach of a team that my sons were on?

It was then, out on the ice during the frigid cold of a rural Manitoba winter, that The Sacred Ice was conceived. I brought the idea to Ben, and he was enthusiastic about the project. I designed the scenes and wrote the story, Ben took what was in my head and put it into pictures, and we brought Chantal in do do backgrounds and shading. Soon the first panel was up, and was on its way to becoming what it is today.

Since then I’ve imported Doc’s Box from Blogspot, shot and edited some silly talking-head videos with Ben and called it Ben Over and Doc I.T., added 2 more comics and a doodle page, and gave Ben a page to show off his Warmachine mini-mods, Iron Kingdoms fan fiction, and whatever else he wants to do.

Even with a long hiatus in the middle that forced a complete re-launch of the site, we’ve managed to garner a regular readership of over a thousand, with 2500 new visitors a month:


I’d like to take a moment to thank all of our regular readers for coming by and reading what we write, and checking out the things we make. I’d also like to thank everyone who came by the site to check us out and give us a chance. It’s nice to know that people are appreciating what we make. It keeps us going.

I need to ask a favour of our fans:
We are a tiny organization, with no more than three people, so we can only yell so loud. If you like what we’re doing here, make some noise. Spread the word. Share the links. Talk about us. Come by our social media groups and talk about whatever nerdy thing crosses your mind. Participate in our forums. Visit us at the conventions.

Above all, let us know what YOU want, and how we can do better.

Time out’s over. Game on! :)


About Doc Wilson

Either presently or at some time in my past I have have been a gamer, game designer, journalist, humourist, singer, songwriter, soldier, paramedic, phone jockey, and Server Analyst. I've pulled through some nasty stuff in my life, and I figured I'd give this thing a go. You never know when your time is up, so never stop trying stuff.

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