State of the Tapestry


State of the Tapestry

Hey all,

It’s been quite some time since my last post, or video upload. The comic page uploads have also slowed down, and for all of this, I apologize. Content addidtions are still going to be slower for the next few months, and since I’ve found that scheduling uploads is REALLY not working, so I’m going to go to a release schedule more like The Oatmeal’s, which is to say, there won’t be a schedule. I’ll have to just do my best to let everyone know when I’ve posted something.

There was yet another major upheaval in my mundane life, but for a change, this one wasn’t of the soul-crushing kind. I got an awesome new day-job gig with a cool company that provides me with a good portion of my hacking (link goes to the Hackaday youtube channel) tools and materials.They also support prototyping co-ops like this, and people like this. I had to review all of my business and leadership course materials, so I could switch gears from Analyst back to Leader. I also had to learn a few technologies that I wasn’t previously familiar with, so I could hit the ground running in my new role.

There has been a lot of other activities going on in Shared Weave Games realspace that is relatively newsworthy:

1. Over da’ Boards is done

Provided these last few rounds of blind testing go well, SWG will have its first game ready to send to production, so the Kickstarter campaign will follow shortly after. When it successfully funds, turnaround on delivery of the final product will be swift, as all of the design and testing was completed beforehand.

2. Choice of Production Broker for OdB almost final 

I found out the hard way that handling the day-to-day of production of a product cannot be done by someone who is working a full-time day job, as manufacturing companies all work 9-5. I found 4 different production brokers who are able to get this portion of the work done for me though. I’m down to the final two, and once this is decided, I’ll know how much the starter box and expansion kits are going to cost, and I’ll be able to design the kickstarter campaign.

3. New Game Started

I’ve started work on a humourous deck-choosing card game, inspired by Spoony‘s review of one of the worst board-games ever made. Seems to flow pretty good so far.

4. New Campaign Started

I’ve started a new 13th Age campaign based in a home-brewed  campaign setting, and my players appear to be having a blast. I think I may put up podcasts on it or something.

5. First Convention Appearance of 2014

I’m going to be at KeyCon in Winnipeg in a couple weeks. Ben will also be there. We’ll be showing off Over da’ Boards, Filking, singing Karaoke, visiting Con Suites, and wandering the halls. I may shoot some videos and record a podcast with my snazzy new phone, too.


That’s where SWG stands as of May 5, 2014. Good night, and game on!


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Either presently or at some time in my past I have have been a gamer, game designer, journalist, humourist, singer, songwriter, soldier, paramedic, phone jockey, and Server Analyst. I've pulled through some nasty stuff in my life, and I figured I'd give this thing a go. You never know when your time is up, so never stop trying stuff.

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