System Agnostic GM Advice


System Agnostic GM Advice

The best advice I can give is short, and sweet. While GMs are these in equal parts…
1. Writer
2. Improv Actor
3. Lawyer
4. Mediator
5. Salesman
6. Referee
7. Mentor
8. Mad Scientist
9. Ambassador

…a GM must always remember that he or she is this one thing above all else:

A friend.

About Doc Wilson

Either presently or at some time in my past I have have been a gamer, game designer, journalist, humourist, singer, songwriter, soldier, paramedic, phone jockey, and Server Analyst. I've pulled through some nasty stuff in my life, and I figured I'd give this thing a go. You never know when your time is up, so never stop trying stuff.

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