You Are Safe At My Table: A Gamer’s Pledge


You Are Safe At My Table: A Gamer’s Pledge

Yesterday, on Facebook, I posted the following:


For the most part, I do an okay job of managing my behaviour (when I’m not doing stuff like dropping invisible precision fartballs with Airzookas… booyah). I don’t believe, however, that I’m smart enough, educated enough, or wise enough to tell anyone how to think, feel, or act.Airzooka Load_0(1)


Needless to say, I was a little surprised when people started picking up my post, and running with it.
I was even more surprised when they got censored, started fighting, getting banned… it was crazypants.



The point of my post was that I am very sad that people are scared to game with me, and I want people to know what I look like so that they can walk up and have a seat at my table, no matter who they are, and know that I’m not going to hurt them by word, or by deed.

I will cherish the fact that you honoured me with your friendship, however brief it may be (eg: Con Games).

I will try my damnedest to make you laugh.

You will cry if the story is sad, or happy, and not because I belittled you.

I will try to make you feel like a hero, even if you don’t feel like one in real life.

You are all gamers, no matter what you look like, what god (or gods) you choose or choose not to worship, whom you find attractive, or what gender you identify as. As such, you have ALL saved my life on many, many occasions, and I love you for it.

No matter who you are… you are safe at my table.





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