Ben Over and Doc I.T., Episode 1

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Ben Over and Doc I.T., Episode 1

Ben and Doc provide meandering commentary on aspects of nerd culture, farm life, and life as a geek uncle/dad. Today we discuss the Superman movie, To Boldly Flee by Channel Awesome, sheep birthing complications as it applies to humans (and by proxy, she-hulk), dog vomit, and other things.

We realized the mic we used wasn’t up to the task after recording, but we didn’t have the heart to trash the video. We’ve got a better mic for next time.

About Doc Wilson

Either presently or at some time in my past I have have been a gamer, game designer, journalist, humourist, singer, songwriter, soldier, paramedic, phone jockey, and Server Analyst. I've pulled through some nasty stuff in my life, and I figured I'd give this thing a go. You never know when your time is up, so never stop trying stuff.

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